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snow days

What do you do when it dumps two feet of snow in less than 36 hours? You spend your time finishing up knitting projects and baking, of course.

First up...Sally.

2009-10-24 037

This is a part of my ongoing process to finally have a Sally Stitches costume. I'm one step closer this year, but not quite there. Dan and I ran out of time and supplies, so our Nightmare Before Christmas costumes will have to wait yet another year.

2009-10-24 038

This is based on a ridiculously funny Knitty.com pattern called Hallowig. I made a few modifications, of course, lengthening the back, shortening the bangs, and then "killing" the acrylic in the back. This involves quick hands and a very hot steam iron. Since the acrylic starts to melt whenever heat is near, you just press it quickly and end up with stretched-out ribbing that better resembles the flow of Sally's hair.

2009-10-24 047

Maybe next year I'll even get to wear it out in public.

Next up, Shifting Sands.

2009-10-26 031

This fabulous pattern from the equally fabulous Grumperina was the perfect pairing for the Dream in Color Classy that I picked up for my Dad's Christmas present.

2009-10-26 001

He's really picky about color and usefulness, so after extensive searching, I think that this fits the bill.

I also finished my Christmas present for my mom, Brighton.

2009-10-26 007

Even the purse handles that you can pick up at Jo-Ann's have class when you add them to lacy linen and crisp ivory lining.

2009-10-26 022

Oh so fiddly and wonderful. Sewing is definitely not my thing, but I gained a bit of confidence on this one.

Let's do a baked good just to break this up a bit. Yesterday, I made the Pumpkin & Chocolate Layer Cake from Baking Bites.

2009-10-31 007

And underneath all that Maple Cream Cheese Frosting...this:

2009-10-31 015

Delish. It was a big hit at D&D last night, and an even better hit with me again this morning when I had another slice for breakfast.

And for my snow days finale, I finally completed the Moderne Log Cabin Blanket from Mason-Dixon Knitting.

2009-10-31 041

It's been almost two years. And approximately eighteen million miles of garter stitch.

2009-10-31 024

It actually seems really small to me now because it seemed so never-ending on the needles.

2009-10-31 028

I'm so glad to have this for when the rest of the winter falls down around us.

Other than that, my CNA Certification test is on Monday, so wish me luck!


Mmmm - the cake and all your desserts look so delicious! And I love your Brighton!

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