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Christmas sneak peeks!

What do you do when you are still unemployed and basically just filling out another job application every morning and then sitting around waiting to hear back and there's nothing else to do around the house and you're not in the mood to make a cake and it's really gray and cold and possibly snowing outside?

You decide that you are going to knit something for everyone for Christmas this year.

And then you are going to take some Advil because your fingers are cramping.

I already blogged about my presents for my mom and dad so far, so here's the rest:

2009-10-26 011

Juggling Balls for Dan! I'm actually a whole lot further on this than the picture would have you believe. He already knows that these are on deck for his present (possibly his birthday present instead if I get them finished fast enough), so I need to get a good surprise gift for him to go along with these. Any suggestions? (Oh, and I made him five juggling balls because...well because he asked for four, and I figured that he was setting his sights too low.)

These next two won't have any descriptions or recipients named because all three of the people that they are intended for (one is a double-project sort of thing) have looked at this blog in the past, and I don't want to ruin the surprise.

Just sneak peeks:

2009-11-14 033

Mmmm, yummy texture.

2009-11-14 055

And something a bit more traditional. If you want to cheat, go look at my Flickr stream. Oh, who am I kidding? Nobody reads this thing anyway! The secrecy is all for my own amusement here.


Re: I read this thing!

um...did you want me to knit you something for Christmas this year? I've still got time. And no feeling left in my index and middle fingers.

Re: I read this thing!

Then let's get down to brass tacks. It's game time.

Color? Style? Fit? Any particular design elements that you'd like? How do you feel on zippers vs. buttons?

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