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elements of a lovely Thursday

1. Go and get a haircut. Then strike a pose.

2010-05-27 036

2. Bake a special treat for your D & D buddies tonight.

2010-05-27 009

My favorite things begin this way, with a bag full of groceries, including unsweetened baking chocolate.

Stir this:

2010-05-27 010

Until it becomes this:

2010-05-27 015

And then resist the urge to taste it, because no matter how many times you tell yourself that this is unsweetened chocolate and that it will be disgusting until you add some sugar to it, you may not be able to help yourself.

Mix up the rest of the batter.

2010-05-27 018

2010-05-27 020

Then add some of these:

2010-05-27 021

And these:

2010-05-27 023

2010-05-27 025

Then suddenly wish that there was no D & D tonight and that a treat was not promised, because you might want these bad boys all for yourself. Then snap out of it.

When they come out of the oven, they may look a little bit silly...

2010-05-27 044

But Joy the Baker's S'mores Brownies are sure to please any hungry half-orc who just lent you a large quantity of gold so that you could turn your longsword into a flaming longsword.

2010-05-27 050

Just sayin'. Perhaps normal people will like them, too, but that's not our intended audience.

Spend a few extra minutes watching Joy the Baker's new caramel pudding instructional video, and try to convince yourself that your girl-crush on her is perfectly normal and understandable.

3. Make yourself a healthy lunch to distract yourself from cooling brownies. (Also to make up for the fact that you may have licked the spatula and eaten a stray marshmallow.)

2010-05-27 031

4. Watch some Monk.

2010-05-27 068

Because Tony Shalhoub makes any great day even better.

5. Make more brownies. Because the boyfriend doesn't particularly care for marshmallows or D & D, and you don't want him to be left out.

2010-05-27 038

A lot of butter went down in this kitchen today.

2010-05-27 039

2010-05-27 042

These are the Moosewood Fudge Brownies from everybody likes sandwiches, Dan's all-time favorite, jazzed up with some walnuts.

2010-05-27 072

6. Actually get some time to knit while the second batch of brownies bake and cool.

2010-05-27 058

This is the beginnings of my Que Sera.

2010-05-27 064

I'm deliberately making it in the smaller size that I could concievably wear, just for the incentive to meet and surpass my weight goal. It's lovely working with Mission Falls 1824 Cotton. I'm surprised I never picked it up for anything before.

7. Head out to D & D and kill some zombies and the like. Still waiting on that one, but I bet my new flaming longsword's going to get a workout before the end of the night.




Oh how I long to be your roommate! All your food looks so yummy! S'mores are my favorite...along with brownies...and chocolate...

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